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University of Minnesota

During its grant term with the National Science Foundation, the University of Minnesota’s NSF Center for Sustainable Polymers (CSP) ascended to national prominence through strategic creativity. This enhanced visibility was achieved through award-winning editorial art featured in prestigious journals, flawless creative production for global science forums, leadership in design among U.S. chemical innovation centers, and agile design support for a national cohort of pioneering researchers.

Winning Editorial Art

Award-winning editorial collaborations with university faculty showcasing  advancements in the field of sustainable chemistry.

Science visualization

End-to-end science visualization for academics.
View Google Scholar for a full listing of published works.

Video Production

Video expertise covering chemical concept animation, public service announcements, and technical chemistry explanations. Experienced in scripting, live shooting, sound design, lighting, and post-production.


Photography expertise ranging from laboratory-synthesized products, to portraits of faculty and students, and campus events.

history book cover of illustrated sustainable polymer goals


Extensive production expertise in crafting press-ready exhibits, signage, and marketing collateral for national events. Skilled in collaborating with commercial printers to secure price quotes, review proofs, and oversee production timelines.