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Science Visualization

Create a memorable visual impact with a trusted partner in science visualization. Since 2018, our covers and in-text graphics have made a profound impact for labs, researchers, and institutions across the United States. Our work is featured in renowned peer-reviewed journals such as JACS, Polymer Chemistry, ACS Catalysis, Macromolecules, Green Chemistry, and many more. View our Google Scholar for a full listing of publications.

Awarded Cover Art

Make a signature statement. Develop a captivating cover illustration to communicate your groundbreaking scientific work. Ensure your ideas are articulated effectively and leave a lasting impact on industry partners, collaborators, and institutions.

Build to Suit Graphics

Shape future research directions. Highlight key aspects of your science to make a strong impression on investors, collaborators, and peers with high-quality graphic art.

Animation and Video

Bring your research to life. Elevate your research impact with dynamic 3D video featuring custom models, lighting, colors, and texture. Make your mark on policymakers, grant reviewers, and industry scientists.


Photography expertise ranging from laboratory-synthesized products, to portraits of faculty and students, and campus events.