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The lost Creature world

In this study I developed 15 original characters based on my experiences in urban exploration. For example,  relishing in a heavy snowfall, finding comfort under orange streetlight, or watching the sunset burn out at the city’s edge.  It was a chance for me to materialize a set of meaningful experiences, build original narratives around them, and realize them in high fidelity. 
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mysterious characters

The nature of each creature is heavily related to its environment. A combination of unique skills like transportation, navigation, or communication are mixed with the biological factors to mold each character.

pink witch ladyslipper flower creature

Pink Witch The Flower Charmer

The Pink Witch wields a skillful control of odor and smell. It can revive memory, heal, and hypnotize. To receive the gift of smell from this creature is considered a mark of paradise, as it can unlock many secrets. It performs its charm dances on the forest floor hidden beneath the lilac trees.

beachfroot strawberry with large tongue creature

Beachfroot The Plant Scholar

Known for its keen sense of smell, taste, and exaggerated tongue this strawberry look-alike can speak with deep knowledge about the world of plants – from edible to poisonous. To find this creature you must travel to the sun-baked beaches in the tropics … follow your nose.

jackrabbit, rabbit with antlers creature

Jackrabbit The Multitalented

With four ears the Jackrabbit is an expert translator and uses its pronounced hearing to map environments with sonar. Some legends speculate its ears can also produce flight in the right conditions. When threatened it uses its antlers to burrow quickly and camouflage.

A mixed wood and steel exterior dog creature

Bark Boss

A mixed wood and steel exterior make this creature a hard match to battle. Travelers must tread lightly to elude Bark through hazardous industrial locations of cement, lumber, and metal scrap.

green snare vine creature with three heads

Green Snare Boss

The Green Snare creates intricate entanglements for shelter, safety, and food on a chain of small islands. These structures are so dense they must be cleared to make room for sunlight. For safe passage, travelers must haggle with the Green Snare to clear the webs.

bogspike Muskellunge dragon fish creature

Bogspike Boss

With supernatural swimming abilities and razor sharp skin the way to pass directly though Bogspike’s waters is to retrieve three gifts from the Great Needle Forest.

Hummnose vacuum creature

Hummnose The Tracker

One of the rare machine creatures, Hummnose provides location intelligence and communication specifically in cityscapes. Engaging its hose, it uses coded vibrations to signal and direct machine life.

jewelhead whale with a diamond on the head

Jewelhead The Healer

In deep underwater caves this creature guards precious sea crystals. It uses rare minerals along with natural plant life to develop potions that restore health for a variety of creatures.

glumsleuth rat with emo hair creature

Glumsleuth The Spy

Hiding in plain sight this creature uses sewers and tunnel systems as a highway. Close to the ground it hears and observes everything – making it a stealthy intelligence expert.

kernel nut with sneaky eyes creature

Kernel The Gatekeeper

This seed lives in groups and is gatekeeper to treasured nourishment deposits deep within the forest. It belongs to a large network of “working seeds” that keep the creature and plant world in balance. It is not easily found nor fooled.

frostchanger seal snow snapeshifter creature

Frostchanger The Shapeshifter

Commonly observed as a seal this creature uses snow, sleet, and ice to make incredible structures. Naturally transitioning with the states of water this creature can manipulate its form to move at untouchable speeds. It is found only in frostbitten regions of the creature world.

ovenmouth volcanic rock with fire feet creature

Ovenmouth The Guide

Ovenmouth provides the steady warmth of a furnace and serves as a location marker for the well-traveled. It is found in the dark corners of the creature world along remote riverbanks, cliffs, and caves. Only there can it look up and see its ancestors.

steelbones train car creature

Steelbones The Transporter

Known for its towering stature this creature can transport tons of goods with great speed using its strong metal skeleton. It can run a thousand miles without stopping and eats its entire body weight in metal every day. While not the friendliest creature, it can be easily negotiated with for food.

glowing orange creature

Sunsquish The Energy Transporter

Known for its enchanting orange glow and squishy shell this creature can store and dispense energy in critical times of need. It is natural to find this communal creature floating in great numbers above abandoned cityscapes. A pack of Sunsquish are called a “burst.“

tailglider flying cat with glowing tail creature

Tailglider The Courier

This agile creature travels on air currents through the forest canopy to transport critical goods wherever they are needed. Journeying by night Tailglider uses its radiant tail to light its path and communicate routes. For many creatures is an critical resource and friend.