Art collection

I am an art nerd that loves exploring new mediums. I have experience in sketching, sculpture, ceramics, illustration, and animation. Today, I am interested in all things 3D.I create all of my models, animations, and 3D prints in the open source software Blender. Browse a selection of 3D highlights and other work below and visit my printables profile for free 3D print downloads.

Movie Night

Low poly animation inspired by the Majestic Cinema Theater in Waukesha, WI.

Neon-soaked wave

Strap in for an adventure through a neon-drenched dimension with pulsing synths. Ride the wave.

Work from home

Doodle concept on working remotely.


Seaplane flight inspired by Miyazaki’s Porco Rosso.


Have a 3D printer at home? Free models for printing are available on my Prusa profile
700+ downloads and counting!

Creature world

Explore “Creature World” a multidimensional and narrative rich series I developed to study character design and story development.

lofi nostalgia

A collection of illustration and GIF works inspired from my personal history – the mall, my first car, and art class.